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A tankless heater is designed to save energy, it only heats water on demand. It’s a smaller, compact system that can facilitate instant hot water in different parts of the house using a recirculating system. It turns off as soon as you turn off the faucet and automatically shuts down if there is a leak.


If hot water doesn't last long enough for everyone in your family to get a shower, or it runs out partway through — a tankless heater is the solution. It heats up water as it is needed. Whenever you turn the faucet, it brings water up to soothing temperatures in a matter of seconds and provides hot water indefinitely.

longer lifespan

It's a modern and more effective system. It has the ability to produce hot water up to 10 times over what a standard water heater would and is estimated to last up to 25-30 years with very little maintenance. You can have the peace of mind only a durable system offers.


Solving things beyond expectations.

"Excellent service, quick, knowledgeable. They can troubleshoot our tankless rather than swapping out system like competitors. Saved us thousands of dollars and choosing Tank Yankers was the best decision we made years ago but it wasn't so clear as the day we had problems and they replaced a small part to get us back up in reasonable time!"

Steven Ollmann
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Professional and certified team of experts.

We work for realtors, plumbing companies, remodelling companies, residential clients, commercial and industrial clients. We are all fully qualified and we are highly specialized in any installation including electric, natural gas and propane. We are licensed Responsible Master Plumber and have many certifications attesting to our expertise.

TWQA • Certification Texas Railroad Commission • Journeyman Plumber TSBPE • USA Green Plumbing Certificated • Water Auditioning • Energy Resources Conservation • Water Conservation • Vega Certification • Gemline Installation Certification • Wirsbo

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On-site Consultation

We’ll review your property and advise on the best course of action. We will then give you a scheduled date and go through the different units that are available and will be best depending on the usage of hot water. We will also review what additions such as wifi, anti flooding or recirculation systems could be put in place.

Save The Date

We may remove the old system, if agreed upon, and install the new equipment requested. Once we are done we will show you how to use and enjoy your new system.

Yearly Revision

We want to make sure you’re completely satisfied with our work. We will gladly come a year later for service and make sure it's working properly and it all looks good.

A Guarantee
that will give you peace of mind

We offer a one year guarantee on workmanship and parts. We'll keep in touch to make sure we accomplish that promise.

We also offer
other services

Always providing the same great experience.

Installed water tank heater.

Tank Water Heaters

We install and repair natural gas, propane and electric tank water heaters. The installation and maintenance is done safely and efficiently. We'll help you choose a tank unit based on your family's budget and hot water needs.

General Plumbing Work

We provide general plumbing services such as fixing and replacing faucets or shower assemblies and any general hot water troubleshooting. In case of an emergency, let our talented plumbing technicians help you.

Filter of clearer and healthier water.

Water Conditioning

Get rid of mineralization of pipes and faucets due to hard water. We install an ION exchange system to soften water so the minerals don't adhere to anything.

RO Systems

Drink healthy and safe water from your tap. All contaminants or impurities such as lead, iron and calcium will be taken out through a membrane and flushed out. Your water will even taste better and be clearer. Also UV systems are excellent for people who have lower immune systems as it removes all bacterias and viruses.

Electrical Work

We install gas backup generator systems, for commercial, industrial and residential systems. They automatically come up when there is an interruption in electricity to the house or business or emergency facilities. We do small repairs, service and troubleshooting in residential systems.

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Our professional team is trained and licensed to offer you the very best service without any complications. We are also fully insured to ensure your security and your property’s protection.

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